Weight Loss: Causes

Weight loss can be caused by obvious reasons, such as reducing the number and calorie content of food, increasing exercise, fitness, diet or stress. If none of the above factors is true, and weight continues to melt, this may be a symptom of a disease.

Losing weight as a result of illness
Rapid and unexplained weight loss may indicate development:

Gastrointestinal infection
Parasites inhabiting the gastrointestinal tract
Chronic inflammation of the digestive tract
Intolerance to certain foods (eg, gluten or lactose)
Inflammation of the pancreas
Diabetes mellitus
Edison's disease.

And it can also be an indicator of the abuse of alcohol, nicotine or drugs. The appointment of unsuitable medications to a patient can also contribute to weight loss Phentermine brands .

What will the doctor ask?
Any decrease in body weight, which develops on its own without any effort on the part of a person, should be an occasion to seek the advice of a doctor to find out the cause of this phenomenon. The specialist will find out if any additional symptoms accompany the unexpected weight loss: a breakdown, a stool, a pain. Be sure to tell him about what diseases preceded the treatment, for example, chronic inflammation of the intestine or cancer, whether any medications are taken, whether the patient does not have cause for stress in his personal life or in the workplace. Calculation of the body mass index will help to establish whether the patient's weight is within the norm or falls below its values. A thorough examination of the patient, ultrasound, ECG and blood test will help to identify the possible cause of weight loss Phentermine effect on brain . You may also need to study feces to identify possible intestinal parasites.

Treatment of weight loss
Since there are many reasons for unexpected weight loss, treatment will depend entirely on the diagnosis. Proper nutrition, balanced by caloric content and the content of nutrients should be the first milestone in the path of weight normalization. If the reason for losing weight is the intolerance of certain foods, the patient may need a special diet, the observance of which will help him to return to normal life. So, with lactose intolerance, you will have to give up not only milk and dairy products, but in the future it will be necessary to carefully monitor the composition of all consumed products so that lactose does not accidentally appear in them. If the cause of weight loss Phentermine extended release is a malignant tumor, the patient will need specialized treatment of the disease, aimed at eliminating the cause of weight loss.

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